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to consider

to consider others.


to consider each flower- its shape, its hue, and it's size.


to consider the individual in what we're creating.


to consider what each arrangement communicates.


to consider joy, pain, peace, struggle.


to consider the emotions of human beings.


to consider beauty.

About Our Leather

to cultivate

{ to cultivate: def: to break up (soil) in preparation for planting }


to cultivate evidenced beauty.

to cultivate growth.


to cultivate in preparation for the new.


to cultivate holistic health.


to cultivate sustainable practices.


to cultivate genuine relationships.

to create

to create freely.


to create spaces for community to come together.

to create space to create.

to create beauty out of chaos.


to create beautiful things.


to create in new ways.


to create safe spaces.

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