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3 BUDGET FRIENDLY ceremony floral ideas

This option allows for less floral product to be used which cuts your cost, and it also provides the option to be reused in your reception by your sweetheart table. This is a great option if your ceremony will be flipped to your reception! If not ask your florist what their move fee is!

florist credit: @levantlane

The key here is to ask your florist for an in season option here. Flowers that are in season cost less and are often more fresh which is a bonus for you! Because this is single ingredient that also cuts your cost because less variety of floral product is necessary to make this dreamy scene come to life. This is also a great option if you are having a flip from ceremony to reception (as moving this may be a hassle).

However, if the ceremony will take place where the sweetheart table will end up being, this is the PERFECT set up!! Less work for your florist and less money for you because – no move fee.

This set up is simple and sweet and definitely works perfectly for a more organic and natural vibe, but you can also switch up your floral product to add in a pop of color and fit with your wedding vibe!

Again, using a single ingredient is helpful in cutting cost! Having two ground arrangements can frame in you and your love for ceremony and can be moved to your reception to be placed right in front of your sweetheart table!


~Danielle Dawn

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