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So we went to Scotland, with our 11 month old...

And here are a couple things that we learned!

  1. Packing a variety of snacks was essential!

Here's what we packed:

-Bare Bones bone broth packets (we could easily make these for Ezra with hot water to provide a quick and easy source of protein and hydration)

-Squeezy Organic Fruit Pouches (these helped too for him to have something to suck on the way up and down in addition to nursing)

-Homemade Protein Banana muffins (not too messy, yummy, and good protein)

-Freeze Dried Strawberries: (easy for him to enjoy more slowly)

2. Let him move and play when waiting so that he could really sleep on the long flight.

Our flight to London didn't leave until 11 pm because it got delayed, but we let him play until we got on board and once we were up he was out.

He loved pushing our suitcases around and making new friends.

3. Make the best of the situations and connect with people around.

Our travel to Scotland and back was HARD. Not because of Ezra, just because of things that were honestly out of our control, like flight cancellations, a misplaced carseat for 2 hours, and delayed flights. There were moments that we felt overwhelmed, completely exhausted, and discouraged, but it was in those moments that God really used Ezra as such an encouragement to us.

It's amazing how God used him to connect us so easily to people of all ages. And it was when I got to just connect with the person sitting or standing next to us, that what hard thing we were going through didn't feel so unbearable.

Our first flight got cancelled and after waiting for 1.5 hours to rebook our flight, we went to baggage to get Ezra's carseat and it wasn't coming. I sat on the floor with Ezra trying to keep him occupied, and this woman who was with her family just getting back from a family vacation ended up sitting with us talking and playing with Ezra while she waited also.

Once we did make to Scotland it was quite magical.

Driving on the other side of the road and car was definitely something to get used to, but I felt more confident by the end of our trip.

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