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How I'm balancing life as a mom + small business owner

Well, the funny thing is I'M NOT- at least if when you think of balance as everything is of equal weight in time and energy which makes life smooth, routine natural, and business thriving.

In fact, I'm learning that the more that I accept that this season of life comes with committing more time to this precious baby boy and being flexible the business side of life seems to flow also.

There have been times I felt frustrated that Ezra wasn't falling asleep because I needed to get to my computer to work on emails and proposals for the hour I had planned. Instead of wishing away that moment and choosing to truly enjoy the time I get to rock my son to sleep, talk to God, sing... I find my heart in a much better state.

Being a mom is hard. Being a small business owner is hard. Getting to be both is hard yet so very rewarding.

But really practically some things that have helped in balancing the two have been:

-EATING WELL. Seriously, its easy to forget to eat a good meal, but nourishing my body has given me the energy I need when it was a sleepless night and I'm also working with brides to plan really important details while keeping up with our 7 month old.

-COMMUNICATING WITH MY HUSBAND. It has been so helpful to be able to have my husband help and support me in giving me time I need to continue running my business. I recently asked him if Friday mornings he would be with Ezra so I could have time alone to create for myself.

-SAYING NO. Since having Ezra I realized that I really treasure this time with him and to be able to savor it fully, it has come with scaling back the amount of weddings I am taking, setting a minimum, and only taking work that really excited me!

I hope these help and just remember that balance may not always look like equal measures.

~Danielle Dawn

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