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Our boy turned O N E!

We had a gardener themed birthday and here's how it turned out!

All photos were taken by Kaitlin Moreno

For his smash cake we made an olive oil carrot cake and put pressed chamomile and pansies on it,

This is the recipe we used!

Of course we went with so many fruits and veggies to match our florals! Everything was from our local farmer's market and local flower farmer Red Oak Farm!

For seating we collected as many old wooden chairs as we could find, and then Aaron built two long benches from wood stumps to seat the rest!

For table cloths I went with various linens I found at thrift shops. The peach one here is actually a shower curtain! Anything goes!

For his smash cake moment, I used a king sheet as a backdrop, hung from the zipline. And my sister and I stitched this little banner for him! I wanted it to say his name instead of happy birthday and it's now hanging in his room over his crib.

Here is Ezra and his literal mountain of gifts.

On our birthday invite I put gift ideas: wooden pretend toys, simple clothing, and outdoor play activities. We just didn't want a ton of toys only and junk that was just gonna fill up his room, and it really worked because the gifts were so thoughtful and sweet!

We still have put away about 2/3 of the toys he did get, but we'll rotate eventually!

I had watercolored his birthday invite and printed it out with Staples and glued it to a poster foam board. Super easy, but such a nice personal touch that I enjoyed.

Getting to know you Ezra this past year has been the greatest privilege of our lives. You are so sweet and adventurous, strong, and SO special to us and everyone you meet.

We are so thankful for the village around us who have been apart of raising our boy this past year! Parenting is so hard, but also has made us realize how kind our God is to love us so relentlessly.

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